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Robert and Ben began working together at a tech startup in 2014 as two of the first 5 employees.  Overseeing product, operations and IT, we quickly grew the business to a team of 20 and launched a disruptive investment real estate search and acquisition website within 6 months.   We were instrumental in the positioning the company for purchase to a multinational corporation, and continued to lead IT and operations after the purchase for several years.  Our next project together was developing an online car buying platform, which was sold prior to go-live to a large auto industry technology company.  Through these experiences we experienced firsthand exactly what it takes to transform ideas into a vision, visions into a business plan, and lead those plans into meaningful results. Since then we have worked on numerous projects across various industries helping companies  realize their visions through collaborative, practical, action based planning and implementation. 


Advantage Consulting is led by Robert Schroder and Benjamin Fuller, with a team of consultant contractors on call to provide the expertise needed for every engagement.

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Robert Schroder


Robert has 25 years of experience in operations and project management leadership.  He  recently served as the Vice President of Data and Analytics for the Valuations division of Altisource. As part of this role, Robert oversaw data product development, strategic planning, marketing, and customer service.  He has held a wide variety of senior management positions throughout his career, including leading the launch of an in vitro diagnostics laboratory, leading data collection for national educational and social science research studies, as well as managing data collection, analysis, and training at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics at The University of Colorado, Boulder.


Benjamin Fuller


Ben has over a decade of experience leading on and off-shore IT teams, building feature-rich software, and managing complex cloud migrations.  He currently serves as the Head of Engineering at Onemata. As part of this role, Ben oversees IT, product development, and helps with strategic planning, marketing, and customer service.  He has launched about a dozen successful software platforms ranging from track and trace platforms for food and drugs, to big data platforms managing petabytes of data. Bin is currently located in Denver, Colorado, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and grew up in a small town in Wisconsin.

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