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Advantage Consulting has over 40 years of business and IT experience. From startups to international corporations, from strategic planning and market research to product development and technology, we have the experience and insight to provide clear direction and solution to the challenges of our transforming business landscapes.  Whether your business is looking for expertise in app development, hosting, cloud services, networking, dev ops, data strategy and sourcing, software implementation, or compliance solutions for manufacturing or finance, we have you covered. 


Some of our more recent projects include

migrating a business from a legacy RDP and server infrastructure to the Azure cloud, transferring email and business apps to Microsoft 365 and providing support and training.  We consolidated and optimized over a petabyte of data for a data services company lowering costs from $120,000/month to less than $70,000/month. We have managed over 1000 server migrations, managed data infrastructures with petabytes of data, and managed websites serving over 1 million site visitors per month. 


Our clientele includes businesses involved in medical device manufacturing,  in vitro diagnostic testing,  real estate data and search solution, mortgage servicing, consumer car buying applications, and retail.   We have a broad range of expertise across numerous industries with one thing in common, delivering outstanding service so that our clients can exceed the expectations of their customers.


Advantage Consulting was founded by two colleagues who recognized a need to help companies find solutions to challenges that are not an integral part of their business.   We believe consulting is a team sport, which is why we don’t just work for you – we work with you to uncover new ideas to optimize your processes, elevate your technology, and help you compete in a digital world.  

We take that commitment to heart and strive to provide an amazing experience for our clients with an exceptional return on investment.   We focus on helping clients prepare for what’s next in technology while streamlining and improving their today.  


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